Gold Types

What is Dental Gold?

Dental gold is a non-precious dental alloy used by the dentist when you get a crown or filling. It's made to go into the mouth without any harmful effects. Dental gold can be yellow or white gold colour. It's a cheaper alternative compared to precious gold.

Precious Gold

If you are looking for more value to your grillz then precious gold is what your after. We offer a range starting from 10k, 14k or 18k white, yellow or rose gold and only solid gold and not gold plated.

Do you do silver ones?

Sorry but we do not use silver as it is very toxic in the mouth by itself. It can be broken down by saliva thus leaking harmfull chemicals into the body. We use solid white gold instead that look like silver and is safe to be used in the mouth.

Gold Colour Differences ?

There is a difference in colour when it comes to different types of gold. The more karat into the gold the richer the yellow colour. For white gold there is a slight difference in colour but not a lot. Dental white, 14k and 18k look very similar, the only differennce would be the 10k white gold that has a slight yellow tint.

Ordering Process

Ordering Online

Ordering online is very easy and straight forward. Browse our gold teeth categories to find your favorite product, add your gold preferences and teeth position from individual product pages and go through the standard checkout process. Payments are made securely through PayPal or SagePay. PayPal can also be used even if you dont have a account with them, click on Checkout as a Guest and after you can enter your debit/credit card details. Please visit our How It Works page for all the information regarding the ordering process.

Ordering in Store - Please use the Online Booking system to set a appointment.

Ordering in store is easier and you will get the gold grillz made quicker as we remove the postage times. Simply use the Online Booking system to make a appointment to make your order, after we have your details we'll give you the mould kits that you can do and we can check it straight away. As soon as your grillz are made we will contact you to setup a pick-up date. We are open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm


Do we use real diamonds?

Yes we do! We use only real diamonds or moissanite in all iced out gold teeth.

What is a VS Diamond?

VS means Very Small inclusions which means that imperfections in the diamond are very hard to spot even with a 10x loupe thus the diamonds will have beautifull sparkle from every angle. VS diamonds are very valuable and rare.

Why not CZ?

We never use Cz (cubic zirconia) stones in our items as they are very dull in the mouth, they dont sparkle as much as the diamonds and over time the saliva will make them matt. Also they have no value over time at all.