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Custom made gold grillz, gold teeth and diamond grillz made from real solid white, yellow and rose gold.

"Gold is money. Everything else is credit."

Gold Grillz

Gold grillz are usually made on 6 teeth, but you can choose any number starting from one single gold tooth.

We craft custom made gold grillz made from yellow, white, rose gold and platinum. For gold grillz we can use dental gold, 10k gold, 14k gold or 18k gold; it's your choice, just tell us when you order. Please note the price of the gold grillz will vary depending on the gold used and its style.

Have your gold grillz encrusted with diamonds to create that diamond smile. We use real VVS OR GVS diamonds, as many as we can fit into your gold grillz, depending on the size of your teeth. All our diamonds will never fade or fall out because we lock them into your gold grillz.

We don't trim your teeth in any way because we craft our grillz very thinly. The gold grillz clip on to your existing teeth or can even replace any missing teeth. We give you two options: Clip-On Grillz which you can take in and out whenever you like or Stuck-In Grillz which are glued to your existing teeth and must be removed every 6 months for cleaning and repolishing. The metal we use for your teeth grillz is real solid gold so it will not tarnish or change colour easily plus it will remain shiny for a very long time.

Gold Grillz

Latest gold grillz

A selection of gold grillz, single gold teeth and diamond grillz

Full gold grillz

Custom made full sets of top and lower gold grillz available in white, yellow or rose gold ...

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Single gold teeth

Single gold teeth custom made to fit with mirror finish shine as standard for any of your front teeth ...

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Diamond grillz

Full gold grillz & gold teeth made from solid 10k, 14k and 18k gold with VVS or GVS clarity diamonds ...

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"Gold - the ultimate form of safe money - will always skyrocket."

How it works

Please read this section to understand the process of ordering your gold grillz, gold teeth and diamond grillz

Choose from the options available for each individual tooth or grillz. Payments are processed by Sage Pay or PayPal. After payment has been made we will send you the mould kit with all the intructions on how to take the impressions of your teeth. Please follow the instructions carefully as we need the mould of your teeth to be as accurate as possible.

Send the mould of your teeth back to us in the bag provided, wrapped securely, so nothing can damage it.

After we receive the mould it takes 7 days for us to make the gold grillz and gold teeth, and 2 weeks to make the diamond grillz. Once it's finished we will post it back to you. Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries before you order. Gold Lab LTD - Company Number: 10968135

About Gold Grillz

We started creating teeth grillz, opening our first shop in East London (we ship throughout the UK) because we wanted to offer a bespoke service where customers could get perfectly fitting and stunning gold teeth. We pride ourselves on giving the best customer service combining fast delivery with beautiful products from a single gold tooth to a full set of grillz and to cap it all of course - the perfect fit ! We’ve created thousands of custom teeth and grillz and are here to ask any questions you may have such as "how much do grillz cost ?" or even as basic as "how to get a gold tooth ?". No question is too much trouble, we’re happy to share our expert knowledge and take great delight in putting our customers at ease, and a dazzling smile on their faces.

"Because gold is honest money it is disliked by dishonest men."


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